Trail Maintenance

Oakland Trails volunteers scout trail conditions, monitor SeeClickFix reports, and coordinate volunteer work days to help keep our trails open and safe for all users.

To help us procure needed tools and materials, please DONATE to our stewardship program.

Log of work in 2017

Fallen trees: Big Trees Trail (2), Bridgeview Trail (1), Castle Park Trail (14), Chaparral Trail (4), Cinderella Trail (1), Fern Ravine Trail (3), Harold Ireland Trail (4), Old Cañon Trail (8), Palos Colorados Trail (8), Sequoia Arena (2), Sequoia-Bayview Trail (23), Sinawik Trail (2), Skyline Blvd. (3), Sunset Trail (26), Sunset Loop Trail (5), Wild Rose Trail (4). Total trees cleared: 110

Drainage work: Big Trees Trail (5), Bridgeview Trail (7), Castle Park Trail (6), Fern Ravine Trail (6), Palos Colorados Trail (15), Sequoia-Bayview Trail (24), Sunset Trail (9), Sinawik Trail (7), Total number of cut-outs: 79

Tread repair: Dimond Canyon Trail, Palos Colorados Trail, Sequoia-Bayview Trail, Sunset Trail

Volunteer hours, trail work only: 158

Total Park Patrol hours: 406

Before & After photos

Were it not for volunteers, our trail system would be impassable for most users

Log of work in 2016

Trees cleared: Bayview (1), Big Trees (2), Bishops Walk (2), Bridgeview Trail (2), Castle Park (4), Chaparral (1), Dimond Canyon (7), Fern Ravine (1), Harold Ireland (4), Old Cañon (7), Palos Colorados (18), Sequoia-Bayview (15), Sinawik (10), Sinawik Loop (3), Sunset (3), Sunset Loop (4), Wild Rose (2), Total: 86

WP_20160718_002Trail maintenance: Big Trees, Bishops Walk, Bridgeview, Castle Park, Cinderella, Dimond Canyon, Dimond Park connector, Fern Ravine, Harold Ireland, Old Cañon, Palos Colorados, Sequoia-Bayview, Sinawik, Sunset, Sunset Loop, Wild Rose

Graffiti abatement: Big Trees, Dimond Canyon, Old Cañon, Sequoia-Bayview, Sinawik, Sunset, Wild Rose

Total volunteer hours in 2016 (trail work only): 241