Dimond Canyon Trail Markers

trail marker installation photos

As of November 22, 2015, all nine mosaic trail markers have been installed. Thank you donors, artists, and volunteers for your help in making this project a reality! – Stan Dodson

“Dimond Canyon gets trail markers, thanks to volunteer”, by Mimi Rohr


Mosaic teamOakland Trails led the effort to install new trail markers in Dimond Canyon Park. This City of Oakland open space spans 90+ acres, connecting the Dimond, Glenview, Oakmore, Montclair, and Piedmont Pines neighborhoods. In the heart of the Sausal Creek watershed, it is lush with a mixed forest of oaks, buckeyes, willows, bay laurels, and redwoods.

The trail system runs the length of the open space, between El Centro Ave and Monterey Blvd. Sandwiched between Dimond Park and Joaquin Miller Park, it forms part of the celebrated link connecting Dimond Park to the Bay Area Ridge Trail.

IMG_2212 (2)Why mosaics?

Unfortunately, graffiti can be a problem in this otherwise beautiful park, and the few existing trail markers  (now removed) were badly vandalized. Repurposing an idea implemented to curb graffiti on litter containers , we designed the concept, then engaged Whitney Smith Pottery for the name plates, and local artist Roberto Costa to produce and install the finished mosaic tiles.

This project received the following endorsements:

  • Oakland Parks & Recreation
  • Parks & Recreation Advisory Commission
  • Oakland Public Works
  • Michelle Doppelt, Dimond Recreation Center Supervisor
  • Stephanie Benavidez, Supervising Naturalist, Oakland Parks & Recreation
  • Friends of Sausal Creek
  • Dimond Improvement Association

The Plan

With the City of Oakland’s permission secured, we actively fundraised for this project. In the end, nine mosaics were installed in the trail at every trailhead and trail intersection as illustrated below:

We need your support!

The budget for this project was $3,000. To continue our work in this trail system, your tax deductible contributions, large or small, are greatly appreciated. DONATE.


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