Get to know EBRPD Ward 2 Candidates

EBRPD Ward 2 Candidates’ Forum

Co-hosted by and the League of Women Voters of Oakland on
Wednesday, October 5, 2016. All four candidates participated.


Prepared by as a follow up to the forum
(three of the four candidates responded)

Long and short answer questions:

Describe your skill set, and how, if elected, you hope to add diversity to the current board of directors. (100 words max)

Kent Fickett: Advanced degrees in conservation and environmental management. Direct legislative and regulatory experience in Sacramento and Washington DC. I am a creative thinker who has lead local environmental efforts to stop the land development of future regional parks. I have visited most of our regional parks. I have served on a number of public and private Boards of Directors. I have visited numerous parks and trails in the US and around the world. With this extensive and balanced background I will challenge staff and other board members to think out of the box about how to address future issues involving preservation, usage and staffing at our Regional Parks.

John Roberts: I hold a Master of Finance degree, the Chartered Financial Analyst and Financial Risk Manager designations, and work as a Federal Bank Regulator protecting our deposits. The Board currently lacks user group advocacy where even well-established user groups may face accessibility pressures going forward. I will work towards maintaining equestrian and dog walker access, and for the development of sustainable trails to support our need for all types of recreation. I am Latino and will ensure equality and integration is implemented. For more about my commitments, do not hesitate to contact me at 949-379-9437, [email protected], or browse my Website:

Dee Rosario: My 37 year career as a Park Ranger, Park Firefighter/Fire Lieutenant, and Park Supervisor of Redwood Regional Park from 1996-2013, gave me the opportunity to demonstrate my abilities in leadership, budget control, planning, crisis management, and public relations. If elected I would be the first Asian-American to be seated on the Board of Directors. I will actively work with new contacts I have made in my campaign, to look for environmental leaders in the communities of color and encourage them to give their voice to the Regional Parks.

Audree V. Jones-Taylor: no response

Describe at least one example of how you’d propose to increase recreational opportunities in Lamorinda. (50 words max)

Kent Fickett: Complete the Lafayette Moraga trail from the Commons to Country Club Drive in Moraga. Promote BART to Parks program for reduced weekend fares for trips to new Concord Hills Regional Park. Improve trail linkage from Olympic Blvd to Iron Horse trail at Rudgear Road.

John Roberts: With my Community goal, Lamorinda can better voice how local parks are run. Also, my Accessibility goal includes facilitating connections with the local trail network, whether through sustainable trail development, or the purchase or partnering for greenbelt access points. The closer the parks, the more we will use them.

Dee Rosario: I would advocate for the following: The completion of the trail connection between the Wilder Development and the Bay Area Ridge/Skyline National Trails in Sibley and Huckleberry Regional Parks; opening the land bank holding in Las Trampas; continuing to work with EBMUD in maintaining the Lafayette Moraga Trails.

Audree V. Jones-Taylor: no response

Should the Park District support Oakland’s effort to complete the Bay Trail along their shoreline, and if so, how? (50 words max)

Kent Fickett: Yes. Champion an exclusive trail route through the Port of Oakland using elevated trail crossings on heavy truck and rail routes to get trail users up and away from heavy traffic areas. Joint venture with Port to share costs and provide educational opportunities about Ports roll in Bay development and preservation.

John Roberts: Yes. Bond funds should be used to acquire properties creating greenbelt access and avoiding street crossings. Families should be able to connect parks in a safe, environmentally-friendly way. Others can use the trail to commute to work, ride safely to catch the ferry, etc.

Dee Rosario: Yes! The EBRPD is already in negotiations with the Army Corps of Engineers to transfer the channel along the Alameda Estuary to the EBRPD and the City of Alameda. This will allow the City of Oakland to extend the Bay Trail underneath the High Street and Fruitvale Bridges using existing Oakland DD funds.

Audree V. Jones-Taylor: no response

Statement/position questions:

For each statement, the candidates were given a choice between two positions
and not allowed to elaborate.

Mountain bike access is unfairly restricted in Ward 2 parks.

Kent Fickett: I agree
John Roberts: I agree
Dee Rosario: I disagree

To expand its resources in maintaining existing parks and developing new ones, the Park District should try to rely more on the use of volunteers.

Kent Fickett: I disagree
John Roberts: I agree
Dee Rosario: I agree

Seniors should be given access to bicycle-legal trails with Class I (pedal assist) e-bikes.

Kent Fickett: I agree
John Roberts: I agree
Dee Rosario: I agree

The Park District should develop new campsites along the Bay Area Ridge Trail.

Kent Fickett: I agree
John Roberts: I agree
Dee Rosario: I disagree

With a choice between protecting natural resources and increasing public access, what is your priority:

Kent Fickett: Protecting natural resources
John Roberts: Increasing public access
Dee Rosario: Protecting natural resources

Do you have more questions for the candidates?
Click on their names, below, to visit their websites.


Kent Fickett
John Roberts
Dee Rosario
Audree V. Jones-Taylor

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