New Trailhead Kiosk at Lower Palos Colorados Trail

This new trailhead kiosk was donated by Oakland Trails, and includes a “You Are Here” map, information about redwoods, emergency contact information, and a map holder. Special thanks to Save the Redwoods League for their contribution to the message board content.

Back in May, we began the process to receive permission from the parks department to install a new kiosk at lower Palos Colorados Trail. With permission granted in early November, we raised the necessary funds within a few weeks, then got the installation approved by Oakland Public Works. Total budget: $2500

Thank you to our sponsors!

Dimond Public Safety Committee, Friends of Joaquin Miller Park, Save the Redwoods League


Rachel Broadwin, Zandile Christian,  Kristen Del Simone, Pamela Eguchi, Laura Escover, Marysue Fisher, Brendan Irvine-Broque, Sam Kaufman, Sara Kay, Margaret Langston, Heather Phillips, Katie Murrin, Anand Nene, Raymond Ritter, Beverly Smrha, Lisa St Regis, Mike Udkow, John Vallerga, Marta Yamamoto

the post holes needed to be 3-feet deep
post hole cement and a level came next
Special thanks to Park Patrol volunteers Doug, Chris, Gary, and Kristen (not pictured) for help with the assembly and installation of the new kiosk
As we were loading the tools back in the car, we observed our first customers.