Filming: Day 3

DE3In the Sunday solitude of his office at the Alameda Sun, author and Oakland historian Dennis Evanosky offered Emily, Henry, and me a rich story. For ninety minutes, he described the landscape, wildlife, and aquatic life in the Oakland hills pre-Europeans, including the resources in our area that attracted the Ohlone Indians. He discussed the arrival of the Franciscans, the Spanish Navy, and the Mexican takeover. Then came the arrival of the northern Europeans in their search for gold, and the riches gained by many settlers – including Hugh Dimond – who although failed in his bid for gold nuggets, was very successful in “mining the miners”.

abbeyHis description of the vast redwood forests, and their exploitation in the mid 1800’s, was heart-wrenching. But then he lit up talking about Cincinnatus “Joaquin” Miller, obviously one of Mr. Evanosky’s favorite characters.

Do you know how and when our parks were finally saved from developers? We were a bit surprised!