Refurbished Trailhead at Lower Palos Colorados Trail


The old gate at lower Palos Colorados Trail (pictured above), after decades of service, failed and fell over in the summer of 2017. So back in October, Oakland Trails volunteers started planning for construction of a new gate and improved signage. We teamed up with the Bicycle Trails Council, then started the project by having our chicane design approved by Oakland Public Works, Oakland’s ADA Compliance Director, and the Parks & Recreation Advisory Commission.

With permission in place from the city, and a USA dig complete, the Bicycle Trails Council purchased the fence materials, and Oakland Trails harvested redwood tree fall for the path edging, procured new signage, and began to restore the old sign. And on a Monday in March, we were lucky to get OPW staff to help dig some post holes for us, so we got to work.

The finished trailhead:

Special thanks to the Bicycle Trails Council, Oakland Parks, Recreation and Youth Development, and Oakland Public Works for their partnership on this project.


Filming “Old Survivor”: Day 10

Today was a double! We started by filming an important collaboration: volunteers from Oakland Trails, Friends of Sausal Creek, the Bicycle trails Council, and staff from Oakland Public Works teaming up to begin the Camp Trail reroute. These groups work together monthly if not weekly. From clearing logs to harvesting bracken fern rhizomes, we couldn’t make a real documentary about Oakland’s wildland parks without getting these men and women in it.

Then, it was my turn to be in the hot seat.

Filming “Old Survivor”: Day 9

I don’t know anyone who wasn’t shocked and saddened to hear that Annie wasn’t running for reelection to Oakland’s City Council in November. She’s been a huge supporter and important partner for our work in Oakland parks. Today we had a chance to capture our friendship.


Filming “Old Survivor”: Day 8

Meet Jason Mitchell, an East Oakland kid who is now the director of Oakland Public Works. To meet the demands of maintaing our city and our parks, he’s leading the department through a series of changes, depending on technology and collaboration, including with Oakland citizen volunteers.

Filming “Old Survivor”: Day 7

Since October, 2017, we have been assisting OPD’s newly resurrected mounted patrol, helping the officers to get reacquainted with the trail system, and helping to temperament train the horses. Today we got some footage of OPD and Park Patrol volunteers riding the trails together in Joaquin Miller Park.