Trailhead Film Project


This 20-minute film features the City of Oakland’s largest wildland trail system that connects neighborhoods to redwood forests and more than five hundred miles of trails that span the entire East Bay. Trail users, historians, creek restoration experts, local merchants, and park volunteers are among those interviewed during a typical park day that begins predawn in Oakland’s Dimond District, and concludes at sunset from a Joaquin Miller Park ridge overlooking downtown Oakland and San Francisco Bay.

TRAILHEAD (2015) is a documentary film project of Oakland Trails

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What people are saying about TRAILHEAD:

“It’s spectacular.”
Chip Johnson, San Francisco Chronicle

“An inspirational and beautifully filmed documentary.”
Carolyn Jones, East Bay Regional Park District

“This film showcases our city in a whole new way.”
Ken Lupoff, Oakland Parks & Recreation Foundation

“It left us both swelled with pride.”
Bryan Beyer, Oakland resident

Production Team

Emily 2014Emily Fraser Co-Director/Producer, Cinematographer, Editor

Emily Fraser is a San Francisco Bay Area documentary filmmaker committed to finding the poetry in the every day while provoking change around pressing social and environmental issues. Her work has been shown around the country and the globe, with screenings at Doc NYC, Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, LUNAFEST, the International Wildlife Film Festival, and the Pacific Film Archive, among others. Emily works as a freelance director/producer and cinematographer, and as a lecturer at Santa Clara University. In a previous life, she worked as an environmental consultant, focusing on projects in conservation, resource management, and alternative energy. Emily holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental policy and art/architecture from the College of William and Mary and an MFA in Documentary Film and Video from Stanford University.

HenryWienerHeadshot-590x786Henry Wiener Co-Director/Producer, Cinematographer, Editor

Henry Wiener, born and raised in Jackson, MS, received his undergraduate degree from Columbia University, majoring in American Military History. After living and working in New York City for 5 years, Henry completed his MFA in Documentary Film at Stanford University in 2014. His films cover an eclectic group of subjects: Bay Area gun rights activists, a 21 year old female NASCAR driver, a Minor League baseball churro vendor, and a traveling Rabbi. All of these films tell stories of people who pursue life with special passion and energy, across a spectrum of American culture. Henry currently lives and works in Oakland, CA as an independent filmmaker.

cropped profileStan DodsonExecutive Producer

Stan Dodson, manager of La Farine Bakery in Oakland’s Dimond District, and past board member of the Dimond Improvement Association and Friends of Joaquin Miller Park, has worked as a volunteer to promote, maintain, and enhance the trail system that connects Dimond Park to the Bay Area Ridge Trail since 2008. Stan continues to provide leadership for community involvement up and down the hill, including producing the TRAILHEAD documentary, co-founding Oakland Volunteer Park Patrol, offering free hiking and mountain biking tours, and leading ongoing trail maintenance and enhancement projects in Oakland’s wildland parks. Through these efforts, Stan strives to inspire outdoor recreation and park stewardship while shining a bright light on the City of Oakland.

Thank you to our film sponsors!

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And a special thank you to

Oakland Vice Mayor

Annie Campbell Washington

& Glynn Washington

and the following generous supporters:

Montclair Village Association

Glenview Neighborhood Association

Friends of Sausal Creek

The Design Office | Ron Rifkin

Bellanico | restaurant and wine bar

Stephen Teixera Photography

East Bay Hills Trails Benefit

Piedmont Pines Neighborhood Assoc.

Howard Neal & Associates Attorneys

Dimond Tax Services | Paul Thode

Bicycle Trails Council of the East Bay

Council Member Noel Gallo & Family

Farmer Joe’s Marketplace

Bay Alarm Company

The New Parkway Theater

Paws & Claws | A Natural Pet Food Store & Grooming Spa

All Eyes on Me | Aaron Thornton, OD

Savemore Market & Liquor

The Growlers’ Arms

Wine on Piedmont

Limousine Service in Oakland

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