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Mission Statement

Our all-volunteer organization is dedicated to promoting, maintaining, and enhancing the City of Oakland’s wildland parks and trails.

Vision Statement

Oakland’s wildland parks will be safe and well-maintained, welcoming Oaklanders and visitors alike.

Log of Volunteer Hours in 2017

Welcome to Oakland Y

Trail Patrol: 2,403 hrs
Trail Maintenance: 627 hrs
Admin/Promotions: 254 hrs
Total volunteer hours: 2,538 hrs

Log of Volunteer Hours in 2016

Trail Work: 241
Promotions: 306
Oakland Volunteer Park Patrol: 1,476
Admin: 100
Total Volunteer Hours: 2,123

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Oakland Trails began as a committee of the Dimond Improvement Association (DIA) formed by Stan Dodson in 2010. With a group of DIA volunteers, Stan led several trail maintenance projects to rehabilitate Dimond Canyon’s trail system, and in 2011, began a series of hiking tours to promote it. He then joined Friends of Joaquin Miller Park (FOJMP) as an at-large board member. Leading projects for both organizations, Stan concentrated his efforts on promoting and maintaining more than 600 acres of parkland that connect Dimond Park (200 feet elevation) to the Bay Area Ridge Trail (1500+ feet elevation).

Our volunteer efforts have included:

  • more than 60 free hiking tours, including some geared for seniors and youth
  • year-round debris removal from trails, clearing overgrowth and fallen trees
  • identifying, implementing, and supporting needed trail repair, reroutes, and long-term trail maintenance solutions
  • installation of mosaic trail markers in Dimond Canyon Park
  • production of the 20-minute documentary, TRAILHEAD
  • co-founding and directing Oakland Volunteer Park Patrol
  • major improvements to lower Palos Colorados Trail

In 2014, Oakland Trails became an independent program by entering into a fiscal sponsorship with the Oakland Parks & Recreation Foundation.

Photos from in and around Oakland’s wildland parks


Oakland Trails proudly partners with the City of Oakland and several local organizations, including:


Oakland Trails is an all-volunteer organization:

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